Monday, August 11, 2014

seek truth

 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  ~John 8:32

How easily we can be deceived because someone "appears" to know all the answers.  

Let's be clear.  

There is one Truth.  

One Word.  

All from our perfect Father in Heaven.  

It disturbs me that so easily we can accept false teaching because someone seems to know more than us.  But be careful, because satan is good at what he does.  


If you want to know truth, go only to the source, The Bible.  

My dad told me often how my great-grandmother questioned the church she was going to because they did not trust the members to read The Word themselves.  I love that she was wise enough to know that she can study the Word through the Holy Spirit's revelation.  She was a little rebel in her days because she would host bible studies and they would get in the Word together.  I love that!  

God is there.  Trust Him.  He is the giver of truth.  

I admit there are some amazing books out there.  I love to read others' perspectives.  But we have to be so careful to hold tight to one truth.  Though someone's intentions may not be to deceive, they are at the core, human beings.  

We have one book written by God.


If you dig in further to John 8, you see that these well-versed, extremely religiously educated descendants of Abraham had one father who was not who they thought he was.  Jesus called them sons of the devil.  

That is sobering.

Be cautious and discerning.  

There is one truth.  

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