Monday, June 29, 2009

by your side

love this song...He's there ALWAYS!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

possibly not pc

Since hearing the news of Dr. Tiller's murder, my heart has been conflicted. When Jason came home from work last night, he said he felt the same way. I am so sad to know that someone decided to end the life of another human being. Ironic, that I'm sad the man who chose to end the lives of 60,000 babies had his life taken from him. Definitely not much choice in that.

To say I was shocked to hear that Dr. Tiller attended church was an understatement. However, I am happy he did and I pray his heart and soul were touched by the Lord. I hope he is in heaven, and right now the Lord is showing him how wonderfully and masterfully He created human life. I will never in this lifetime understand how someone can think it's ok to end a life, to stop a beating heart for any reason. Nonetheless, the Lord is in control, and I am not. I am thankful for that.

May the Lord bless and comfort Dr. Tiller's family and friends at this devastating time.

May the Lord bless and keep safe the many babies to come.

Life is precious. Any life.

Monday, June 1, 2009

hug and a kiss

I wish everyone could get a hug and a kiss everyday. I think we'd have a happier world if that happened. And on a lot of Sundays, I get that at church. And I absolutely love it.

When you enter the foyer at church (I guess it's technically a narthex as I learned in my years of doing engineering work on churches...yes I do remember some things from those years) a sweet, older gentleman is there to greet you. As you approach him, he stretches out his hands to hug you. And then to add to the already sweet gesture, he gives you a kiss on the cheek. In that tiny little moment, I feel loved and I feel like my heart is getting a huge hug from Jesus. And that's good stuff.

No words, just a hug and a kiss. Simply. Love. Exactly what church should be.