Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm wiping the dust off my blog as I celebrate a birthday.  I enjoyed writing some random ramblings for my last birthday so I thought I'd do it again.  It's kinda fun to look back and see what's on my heart and how I transform through the years.  So, I'm turning 34 (already turned 34)!  How did that happen?  In my mind, I feel like I'm still 10 years old!  But alas, I have been blessed with a precious family to love and nurture.  I'm glad the Lord trusts me!
Here goes...34 thoughts, unedited me
1.  I did not achieve my goal for my 33rd year.  I had wanted to read the entire bible.  Instead I did some indepth studies, so I don't have regrets.  I can honestly say at the end of this year, I have a deeper love and reverence for my Lord and Savior.
2.  I have read some uncomfortable books this year.  Crazy Love, Radical, 7.  It hurts to know I must die to myself to live the life I'm called to.  Yet, I know that is where true life is.
3.  I wish I liked kale.  Seriously it's just gross to me.  Tried kale chips.  Crunchy, salty disgustingness.  Kale=fail
4.  I wake up everyday and think, "Did Dad really die?"  It still feels like a dream.
5.  I miss our sweet Lucy dog.  It still hurts.  Who knew I could love a silly dog so much?
6.  I must admit, the girls are sleeping, I'm having me time and while I'm typing this, I'm watching The Bachelorette.  I gave up watching The Bachelor last season.  Not as painful as I thought.  You may wonder why I'm watching The Bachelorette...well, I try to justify it by the fact that Emily is different, traditional, a mom.
7.  I love staying home with the girls.  I just think at home motherhood would be more fun if you had a couple moms there all day to keep me company!
8.  I'm experimenting a lot with natural beauty products.
9.  So far, I love using cornstarch when my hair is a little greasy and I don't have time to wash it.
10.  The Oil Cleansing Method replaces my conventional face soap.  LOVE!
11.  I am actually right now using a system on my hair that uses baking soda and vinegar for shampoo/conditioner and nothing else.  I know, it sounds crazy.  I tried it before and didn't like it, but have now come back to it and am loving it!
12.  Coconut oil is my go-to lotion.
13.  I make our toothpaste and we love it so much more than regular toothpaste.
14.  The girls DO NOT USE my toothpaste...someday...MAYBE?!
15.  I make a homemade febreze that I love!
16.  Gosh, I sound crunchy, huh?  I never liked that word.  I like "natural".  Crunchy sounds like something that really needs to be cleaned.
17.  I have read so many great books this past year!  But I have to say 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess is probably my favorite.  Probably because the author is real, yet loves Jesus, but is real!  Check 7 out!
18.  I hate softball.  I know my mom and Jason would shun me for saying that.  But seriously... whoever thought having a hard ball thrown at you/hit at you was a good idea?  That and the fact that I got kicked off a competitive softball team in 3rd grade scarred me for life!  That and when I was 5, I walked up on my brother swinging a bat.
19.  I hope that we teach our kids to be independent thinkers.  I don't want them to ascribe to Republican/Democrat or Methodist/Baptist, but to just love the Lord and seek Him above all else.  To love and respect that we live in a country that we have privileges.
20.  Going through the death experience with my dad was such a glorious time.  I know that sounds weird and maybe insensitive, but really, to know without a doubt the Lord was present is indescribable.  To be able to tell my dad everything I wanted to say, to be able to ask him if he was proud of me...and to feel in my heart he was.  To be with him the moment he passed.  It changed my life.  I hope he could understand me and know how much he meant and still means to me.
21.  Our family has been drinking real milk (aka raw milk) for over a year.  I find it ironic that real milk is controversial in today's society.  Really?  Milk, straight from a cow is scary.  Yet we don't find it scary the crazy chemicals we eat in our food everyday.  Something's not right about that.
22.  A pet peeve of mine is when able bodied people do not put their carts back at the store.  Really?
23.  We have not had cable in almost 4 years now.  I have not missed it one day.
24.  When I was about 4, I was in a program at church singing with the other kids on stage.  I knew I had to go to the bathroom, but I was too embarrassed to say anything.  So I had an accident.  I still can feel the pain from that mortifying day!  The next day at church they had a fan blowing on the spot that I had my accident.  I can still remember my little heart being broken!  (Don't's funny now!)
25.  I love that Jason is riding my dad's old bike.  I love feeling Dad still with us.
26.  I love our quaint little town. I never want to live in a big city again.
27.  I wish my feet were smaller.
28.  I don't have many regrets in my life.  But looking back, I wish I wouldn't have been afraid to do some things that scared me.  Go out for track/cross country in high school.  Gotten a part-time job while I was in KC.  yada yada
29.  Some days I wish I could've gotten my P.E.  But most days I am so thankful to be at home and focused on my girls.  I don't miss engineering.  I miss working with people.
30.  Decluttering is a hobby of mine.  Less stuff makes me happy.
31.  I'd like to run a full marathon someday.  I'm going to run a full marathon someday.
32.  I miss Costco.
33.  I'm so passionate about natural birth.  I, in no way, want to force my ideas on anyone, but my heart sometimes aches for women to just be open to the idea of doing it the natural way.  To know how much it changed my life...I desperately wish that every woman could experience it the way it was meant to be.  (I feel like I can say this, because I have experienced an unnatural c-section and the natural homebirth...but I also know that when intervention is necessary, it is a blessing to have it available.
34.  I am listening to the book, So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore.  I dream of the day where I would be completely secure!  Help me Lord!

I feel that's a weird one to end on, but it's me and I'm not going to edit myself to sound better.  :)

Monday, June 4, 2012


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