Friday, May 29, 2009

I will rise

This is how I'm feeling today. Praise God!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

2nd Mother's Day

I write this post with a joyful, yet heavy heart. Recently my mom mentioned I would be celebrating my first Mother's Day as a Mom. I agreed, but silently I dissented. Actually it's my second. I know many people will never know that I am a mom of 3...2 in heaven, 1 on earth. Sure, some may disagree that those little ones I carried for a short time are considered children. And to those, I would gracefully share the pain I felt (we felt) when they were taken away. I don't think I would hurt as much over them if they were just "tissue". These 2 crosses hang in our entry way, and they are always a reminder of the precious children we loved and lost.

Praise God, I don't hurt the way I did. He has graciously brought me to a place of healing and amazing joy. Our babies are safe in heaven, playing with Jesus. Can you get any better? And I can see how the Lord guided me on a path of growing faith, trust, joy, love, and hope. A sweet lady who is a social worker for Hospice shared with me how grief never goes changes, it transforms, it becomes part of your being. And I can see that in my life. Thankfully the Lord has turned my mourning into dancing. Our daughter is an amazing blessing.

I know too that for many women, Mother's Day is a tough day. Whether it be the loss of their mother, a child, or difficulty in becoming pregnant, I pray the Lord is abundantly present with them on this day. I truly believe a woman's (even more, a girl's) heart encompasses the hopes and desires of a mother...and to all those women who want nothing more than to have a child to hold, I celebrate you on Mother's Day. I pray the Lord quickly answers your prayers.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


God is good when circumstances are good.

God is good when circumstances are bad.

We are so incredibly blessed. I follow Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministry blog and I recently read about Compassion. I started to think that $32 is so small and helping a child is so big. I mean for crying out loud I just spent $60 at Target. The Lord blesses us incredibly in this country, recession or not. Our country does not know poor. How amazing is it that there is a child who can receive so much from a measly $32/month.

This money is not our own, it is a gift. Spend wisely.