Saturday, February 7, 2015

What rocked in 2014

I'm still not accepting that 2014 is did it go so fast?  And that will be my excuse of why this post is so can't be January   now February 2015.  :)

I always like to hear about others' favorites, so I thought I'd share a few of mine.

#1  REVELATION WELLNESS  I've shared my love of Revelation Wellness before, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I do a workout or a workin with them, I am reminded of how my $10 monthly donation beats the heck out of a gym membership.  No need to try and look cute for the gym.  I can wear my old high school basketball t-shirt and just feel awesome while I workout in the comfort of my own home.  I look forward to the workout.  I enjoy it in the midst of the workout, all while having my thoughts and focus on worshiping the Lord who created my body to move and serve Him well.  I take advantage of their VIP TV workouts (click this link and you can try some of their workouts for free), but that is only the tip of the iceberg of the programs they offer.  Seriously, check it out.  (I am getting no payment for sharing my love for them...I just love them and want everyone else to experience freedom of working out the right way!)

#2  PLAN TO EAT  A few of my favorite blogs have shared about this program and I had decided to try it.  And I love it!  Plan to eat helps you plan your meals and my favorite part is after you select your meals for the week, they make up your shopping list for you.  I really don't mind menu planning too much, but this has cut my planning down to nothing!  The only time consuming part is integrating your recipes into their site, but once they're done, they're done.  You can also connect to other members and save their recipes and sample weekly menus.  Kat Lee from Inspired to Action takes you through a bootcamp and it's super helpful.  Check it out here.  Your first month is free and also, they have a Thanksgiving sale every year where they give you a full year for 1/2 price.  Great deal!

#3 RESTLESS  This was my favorite bible study of the year.  I discovered Jennie Allen from the If Gathering which is awesome in itself.  I read the book and then I knew I wanted to do the study.   With our few short years on earth, Jennie challenges us to really evaluate the piece of our lives and how God wants to use them for His Glory and our good.  It was really enlightening and I realize as I write this that it also lines up with my 2015 focus of being intentional with my time and how I use it.  I want to not waste my life, or like Jennie calls it "piddling our time away."  And let's be honest, in today's world, it is so easy to piddle our days away and beware that satan would be a big fan of piddling.