Friday, March 30, 2012

Project Simplify!

Pantry Before

Pantry After

Fridge (before and after below)

I have discovered a wonderful set of blogs that resonate with so much I am passionate about in this time of life. Check out: This month, she challenged her readers to Project Simplify...a focused area of decluttering. And I love to declutter! Less stuff=less stuff to lose, pickup, walk on=more peace, order=one happy mama! One area I actually took pics of was the fridge and pantry. And it brought me a lot of joy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

raindrops on roses

These are a few of my (latest) favorite things.
Daniel Study: This has been a great, though convicting study for me. It's amazing how similar our culture is to the past Babylon. I'd encourage anyone to do this. It'll forever change you!

Beyond the Sling, Mayim Bialik: I have loved this book! It's so refreshing to find a mama who is living the attachment parenting method. I thought this would just be reinforcement on how we parent, but I have been pleasantly surprised to be encouraged and challenged by new ideas regarding bedsharing, discipline and children "stuff". Love it!
Real Marriage: I just checked this book out from the library, but love it already! I love that the authors are transparent with their relationship. I also love that they speak so much about friendship in marriage. It seems most books skip over this!
Strong Stride DVD: This is a great workout to complement running. I have always hated that when I'm training for a run that I inevitably give up pilates and yoga. This brings pilates and strength training back to my life, specifically designed to improve your running. It's a tough workout, but that's what makes it great!

So I have tons more favorite things but I have a little one who needs me and this will have to do for now. :)