Sunday, September 26, 2010


Another long time, no post. Instead of droning on why I haven't posted, I'll save you the trouble of reading.

Today is baby's due date. I've come to understand that date doesn't mean anything...except for a date that can make so many people crazy with calling and wondering and making you worry. I'm so very thankful for a patient midwife who says when I ask what I can do..."Just be patient."
I could write a book on the joy and love and power of midwives, but I'll save that for another day. Except to say, midwives making having a baby such a natural and normal thing. Every time I see my midwife, I am amazed by another aspect of her care. I am a huge advocate of them, and I hope and pray this new healthcare system will not impact their powers in this country.

Pregnancy has been amazing this time around...of course this is after I've forgotten those 6 horrendous weeks at the beginning where all I wanted to do was lay in bed and enjoy my misery. Hard to do with a toddler. I absolutely am blessed by is an indescribable feeling to feel a baby move and kick and roll over. I thank God for the blessing He bestows on women to carry children. I realize so many women do not have easy pregnancies. And for them, I hope th e 9 months fly by! I cannot understand how a woman can carry a miracle within their body, and not believe in a god. Blessing, it is! As excited as I am to meet this little boy or girl, I am a little sad to not have my traveling companion anymore. Inside, there are no poopy diapers to change, no waking to feed (more so just waking to pee!), no crying. Just little nudges and kicks and Bella to kiss my belly. Can I say it again, Blessing!

Admittedly I am a little nervous about the labor and birth. And yet, I have never felt more comfortable about it either. I have an amazing support system and I know this is what my body is created to do. I do think it would give me a little more comfort knowing Jesus tackled this area of life before! And there was a chapter in the bible on it. I guess that's just why He made midwives. :)