Friday, August 1, 2014

know me

I have for the last 10 years been one of those people who is not too keen on religion.  Jesus and faith are where I will hang my hat, which, really, I want to find a cute hat.

Anyways, religion I believe was created for good.  The enemy has used it for bad though.  However, I don't bemoan that fact because regardless of the bad in this world, God is still and will ALWAYS be on the throne.

With that said, I had an epiphany yesterday and I like the word "epiphany".  I am very committed to time with God.  Every morning I wake up with time in the Word and study.  Prayer accompanies that.  My "job" is very missional so I feel like every aspect of my life can be a way to glorify Him.  I have been working through discovering idols in my life because we're doing No Other Gods with my ladies' bible study (which is a highlight of my week...seriously, if you don't have a good bible study group, find one, or start one...I promise you it will bless your heart and soul!!!)  As I am trudging through idols in my life and other strongholds, I always come back to why it seems to never change.  Why am I still in this place?  Why do I feel dry?

As I was pondering this, I felt Him say to me, "Just focus on knowing Me. No more, no less."  And it hit me that I've been doing all the "right" things and missing the One I need.  It really struck me how it all boils down to relationship.

I can so glibly say that.  That it is essential that as Christians, we need a relationship with Him.

But it struck me that I was saying it but not living it.  And I say that with the fact that I read the Word everyday.  I pray everyday.  I do.  But I'm missing knowing Him and Him knowing me.

I liken it to the fact that I have a relationship with my children.  I am around them all day long.  I know their needs.  I provide for them.  I teach them.

But after my epiphany yesterday I sat down with Bella and just looked at her.

Really looked at her.  

Watched her pretty smile.  Observed what she liked to do.  Asked her questions.

And it's like Jesus said, "Yes, this is what it is to know Me."

I'm not sure where I go from here.  Except that I told God honestly I want to know Him.  He tells us we can pray boldly.  (How awesome is that?!)  And so in that truth, I asked Him to show me Him.

I don't want a dry faith.  I want an "in season juicy peach" kind of faith.  If you know what I mean.  I want it to be as I'm biting into a luscious peach and having to eat it over the sink because the goodness of Him is pouring out on me.  I know He is faithful.  He never disappoints.

So I'm praising Him for already answering that prayer.

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