Tuesday, June 17, 2014

pro LIFE

I'm reading a book that is forcing me to look at myself, and sometimes the mirror reflects blemishes I'd rather not see.  Yet, I know in this honesty I can find true healing and restoration.  So, go ahead Lord, show me the ugly parts.

I seek liberty.


I was reading about the pro-life movement.  Of course, I agree that we should be pro-life.  But pro-life should involve all lives, not just the unborn.  We are all made in God's image.  To value one life over another is to somehow make a human decision of who matters more.  And really, is it our responsibility to make that decision?

We all fall away.  If we think we do not, we are liars.

Pro-life means loving:
unborn children
starving children
people living in slavery

It also means loving:
your spouse when they've wronged you
your children when they disobey
the neighbor who betrayed you
the leader you disagree with
the terrorist who killed hundreds of people

Because do you think Jesus does not love all these?

This is not to say that punishment is not necessary.  A heart of love, though, is necessary.  We have laws for purposes, good purposes.

Ultimately though we love because God loves.  Every life is a life, a person made in God's image.

And if we are not loving, this reveals a part of us that is not filled by God.

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