Friday, June 27, 2014

learning to focus

(in regards to the cartoon, I think crazy people have more fun in life anyways)

At the present moment, I have two bawling babies.  Your first thought is why the heck are you writing this post then?  Because yes, I am a bad mom.  The kids are not hurt, just whiny and needy.  (I just tended to their needs, does that make you feel better?)  :)

Been one of those needy mornings and as I was finding myself frustrated as we were trying to do our "school-time" I had a 3  year old running around being 3, and I had a very needy baby and I had a 5 year old trying to listen.  As much as I want to resist the circumstances of life, I try to remind myself that God is sovereign and these are the exact circumstances He has ordained for me.

Whether I want to accept them or not.

Instead of using my energy to fight back, I have to choose to accept and move forward.  I'd rather use my energy moving forward to use my energy to move a boulder that He does mean for me to move.

What I realized though as I was wishing things were easier and that Bella could have more peace around her, was that, this is real life.  When, in real life, are we given a task in which we have nothing else to think about?  Or when there are no distractions around?  Or that the rains never come.  Some days (praise God for a break) are easy, but for the most part we are going to have resistance.  And without resistance, our muscles will wither away.

And so today, I thank God that I have 3 healthy children that want to be around me even when they're bawling.

I thank God that they are learning real life focus when it's hard.

And I am too.  (And it's doggone annoying sometimes!)