Wednesday, April 11, 2007

We still don't know...

This decision has been a hard one on us. When we tell people we're thinking about moving to Bermuda everyone says, "Of course, you should." When we were first presented the idea, I said the same thing. But I wish it were an uncomplicated decision.

America is a good place to live...and cheap
First of all, I feel like we're trying to make a decision at a low time in our lives...a Pastor said one time, "Don't make big decisions in low times." In this situation, we don't have much choice. I know this is 2 years, but when we start to weigh our lives in Kansas versus here, I know our quality of life will not be as high. Yeah, I know, you probably don't believe me...because it's Bermuda. Well, when you start considering we'd be paying 3 times our current mortgage to find an apartment that is 1/5 as nice as our house, it makes it a little harder to say yes.

Bermuda is beautiful...but you pay A LOT to enjoy it
Financially moving to Bermuda could or could not be financially beneficial. Everything is so expensive...I know I've said that a lot, but it really prohibits your lifestyle. We would want this "sacrifice" to put us ahead financially, and it may or may not.

Most native Bermudians do not like Ex-Patriots (Non-natives who go to work in Bermuda)
They view Ex-Patriots as people who take their jobs...tourists they like because they bring revenue. Ex-Patriots are seen as taking their jobs; however, these are jobs that typically only for specifically qualified people. In Bermuda, businesses are required to advertise job openings locally for a few months before they're allowed to open it up to outsiders. So do we want to move to a place that people don't really like us? I can't say that's very welcoming. With that said, though, there are a lot of really nice and friendly people here though.

We have a great life in Kansas
Do we really want to give that up? We love our friends, neighborhood, house, cheap groceries...this has really made us appreciate the life we have. Part of me thought that this move would be a refreshing start after some difficult times. But I don't want to make our life more difficult by taking us out of our comfort zone at a critical juncture in our lives.

With that said, I wish we knew what to do. Jason and I feel so confused and it's made it hard to really enjoy our time here because we have such a decision weighing on our shoulders. God has not revealed it so clearly to us, and I wish He would say yes or no.

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