Thursday, June 30, 2011

don't want to be a grownup

we've decided that tomorrow lucy is going to heaven. she had a bad day yesterday and unless she turns around in an amazing way today, we are choosing her last day to be tomorrow. she hasn't been the same lucy for awhile and i don't know if that makes it easier or harder to say goodbye. i hate making this decision, but we have wanted to end her life in a way that she is in a happy place. for her, that is the lake at jason's parents' house. so thankfully the vet agreed to come out and we will feed her a yummy steak and let her wade in the water one more time. truly i am not sad for her. i believe with all my heart that animals do go to heaven. i am sad for us. i am sad that we won't get to see her sweet face anymore. we won't get to play bubbles with her.

i look at her now just laying beside me. she has no energy left. i feel like she looks at me as to say, "i am ready."

but i'm not.

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the carlson's said...

That makes my heart break for you and your family, Brandy. I know that its the best thing to do, but I am dreading the day that might come for us too. Dogs can trully be one of your special kids, and I too believe that animals go to heaven so one day you will see your beloved Lucy again. So hard and so love to you all.