Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a little lady named regina

So, I've been working on scanning in my grandma's old pictures, in order that we'll have access to them in the future. It's always heartwarming for me to look at old pictures and realize that these people are the ones who wrote the beginning story of my life.

As I was sorting through the pictures, I came across a writeup that a friend of my great grandmother Regina wrote for her eulogy. It really touched my heart today.

Regina's life expressed so clearly that our relationship with God is intimately connected with our relationships with other people. "You know," she said to me recently, "I used to always say I liked people. But I really loved them...though people would've looked at me funny years ago if I had said I loved my neighbor so and so." She continued, "When you read the bible, it is full of love, it is full of God saying, 'I love you.' " "And I love my family and friends. I love people...and there's not one person who I've met in my life that I won't be happy to meet up with again!"

What a legacy that my great grandmother left me! I always knew her to be so in tune with God's word...if it did not coincide with God's word, then she wanted no part of it. She even made a stance against the notion within Catholocism that only priests were able to interpret the bible. She was a revolutionary in her own right, holding bible studies for her friends so that they too may unlock the treasures in the word.

Thank you Grandma for your legacy of love and faith.

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