Thursday, September 20, 2007


And the lucky number is...17. So, being the math nerd I am, I calculated that in one year, I hear about 6200 I love you's...and over 50 years, I should hear about 310,000 I love you's. (No pressure Jason!!!) I clued Jason on my little experiment and I inquired what he thought the number was...he guessed 65. Not bad anaylisis when you consider he said about 8 in the first 2 hours of the day. But, he forgot to take into account that, no, I don't follow him to work so he can say I love you every 15 minutes. But, Jason, if you do want to stick to 65...well, over 50 years, that would be....1,186,250 I love you' better start crankin them out!!! Oh, and I love you Jason!

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