Sunday, February 27, 2011

life stories

This morning, we went to one of our new favorite breakfast places...still can't replace our beloved First Watch. However, we are feeling more at home there!

We were finishing eating our yummy meal when an older man came up and started chatting with us. He was drawn to us because of our sweet girls, and began to tell us about his life. He is 86, never had kids, fought in World War II, and was married. His wife of 3 years left him for their pastor. He still carried a picture of her in his wallet.

Life is full of ups and downs. My heart was touched by his obvious loneliness. We can get so caught up in OUR lives that we can miss those around us who are hurting.

Lord, give us eyes to see Your people and their pain. Give us Your love so we may pass it on. And God, may we give thanks in all circumstances. There is value in it all.

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