Thursday, February 10, 2011

the big o


I love organization...I do. My heart races when I see a well-organized pantry, closet, workspace, anything really. It really does! Is that strange? In my mind, I assume everyone else is the same. I'll go on believing that... I think it all goes back to the scripture about your body being the temple of the Holy Spirit. Granted, I know your home should not be your temple, but your home does hold you. So, in essence it is your temple's temple. So, it is my pursuit (and hopefully not an obsession) to keep it warm, welcoming, and tidy.

I've been researching online how to decorate the girls' new playroom and I stumbled across Martha Stewart's website. Granted, I'm not big on Martha Stewart, but I do love what she does. I'll share just one picture, but tis a glorious picture.
Is that not lovely? makes my heart happy. Let's see if we can do that in our new home. Let me point out a cool little detail: she used chalkboard paint on the pantry door to use as a list making device. Isn't that neat?!

ahh...well, this post is being interrupted by a girl awaking from naptime

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