Friday, May 14, 2010

something new

I was recently inspired when I watched Oprah...I like Oprah, I like that she inspires, that she thinks outside of the box. Of course, my husband reminded me he doesn't like her politics, but I can separate the person from their politics (we had a fun debate on this you, hubby!) Anyways, I loved what Dr. Phil had to say. He challenged us to do something different, try something new, change it up. Re-arrange your furniture, try something new, change your hair. I like's so easy to get into a routine, and though routines are good, we all need to change it up a bit.

So I have to say this isn't a huge stretch for me, but I would love to start making our own bread. I'm inspired by my wonderful friend, Amy...she is amazing!... mills her wheat to make homemade bread, makes homemade yogurt (also on my list), has a bountiful garden, all while taking care of her sweet family and living an inspired life!

Now I'm on the hunt to find a good whole wheat bread recipe. I have to say I felt inspired after making a homemade pizza dough...there's nothing like making dough. It makes you feel like a real woman. :) Ok, I admit too, it was super-easy with the use of my lovely food processor. Check out for some wonderful recipes. We are always impressed with the ease and tastiness of their recipes...and my hubby gives them 2 thumbs up.

Live inspired!

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