Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So, I did it...I tackled something I'd never done before. I made Honey Whole Wheat Bread and it was great! I used the William Sonoma recipe with the help of my very cute pink Kitchenaid Mixer (5 years later, I still love my mixer!) which made the process so easy! So I don't feel like a complete baking professional since the mixer did all the kneading for me. But I did get to enjoy the AMAZING smell of baking bread in our home. And it turned out great. Bella even gives it 2 thumbs up! And to top it off, I was able to control the ingredients in it. No white flour, no white sugar...just organic milk, honey, whole wheat flour, and of course butter...because everything is better with butter. On a side note, I get my love for butter from my dad's side of the family. I remember vividly, my grandpa putting butter on donuts. I never thought it was weird til later on. :)

Yea...so onto the next challenge...hmmm....

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