Friday, July 11, 2008

been awhile

Yeah, it's been awhile since I've written. I don't know exactly why...could be laziness, could be not wanting to sit in front of the computer longer than I need to, or it could be the fear I had in sharing my pregnancy wondering if I say it out loud, we'll lose it. Well, whatever it was, it's over, and I'm back.

Life is good, God is good.

My soul has been in need of some refreshing. Do you ever feel that way? To just walk through the day-to-day living without the bigger purpose pulsating through your veins. Well, I've been there.

We visited my old beloved church this past weekend on our way back from Tennessee. And I needed to be there, and the Lord spoke to me. Rev. Shane's sermon was about returning to God with passion and fervor. And walking this mountain together. So I told Jason that it was time for me to return, and return whole-heartedly and whole-souledly (I know, I made that word up) to my Lord.

So this week, I pulled out my old Beth Moore bible study I hadn't yet finished. It's wonderful! Beth has an amazing way of connecting scripture and making it fully alive...well, I guess the Lord does that, but Beth is one amazing vessel. I can't say I always want to set aside 30 minutes (yeah, that's sad, isn't it?) to my quiet time. But after it, my heart and soul are changed, and I wonder how could I have missed that?!

So, to the Lord, I say, "Thank you for loving despite my selfishness."

God is Good All the Time.
We only have a couple months left before we meet our baby boy/girl.
I am married to the most amazing husband a girl could ask for.
And I am truly blessed.
Oh, and we have the cutest and craziest dog ever!

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