Wednesday, December 19, 2007

have the best day of your life, steve

That's a quote I overheard the other day when I was at Panera reading. One gentleman was saying his goodbye to his friend. And those few words just struck me. That's an amazing challenge, and yet, we all have the power to bring it to reality. Every day we can choose to have the best day of our lives, or we can choose to swallow the mundane routine life can sometimes bring.

I pray, today, that everyday will be lived fully.

Who says that one particular day in our past has to be the best day of our lives?

I have even more evidence to support the urgency of this request.

Last night, Jason was sharing that a friend at work passed away on Monday from kidney failure due to his battle with Diabetes. He was at work on Friday. He was 37. He was married with 2 children, 8 years and 1 year.

Instantly, life can change. And I hope that I do not leave this earth feeling like I left some work to do.

Of course, I thankfully acknowledge that death is not true death when Christ is in charge of your life. He gives us eternal life. And you know when that starts? RIGHT NOW!!! What is "ETERNAL"? It is forever. What is now? Part of forever!

Of course, Heaven will be one rockin' place. But the Lord put us on earth for a reason, and we should embrace that...

And as Michael W. sings below...


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