Friday, March 2, 2007

New Perspective...'s taken awhile to finally say this...I AM PREGNANT!!!! It's hard to believe, but what an incredible blessing it is!!! I found out last Saturday and was determined to surprise Jason (which I did!). For a few days, I just experienced the most unexplainable joy...everything touched my heart, and still does. :) It seems God has revealed what a miracle it truly is and to think I can experience it is truly amazing and humbling.

I had a scare on Wednesday when I noticed some slight spotting. I was devastated and was feeling and believing only the worst. I got an appointment with my doctor and everything checked out just fine. We even had the first ultrasound! All this miracle was, was a blob, hanging out in its new home! It has to move, though, in 8 months! Through the whole experience of initial jubilation to the fear of the worst, I have learned to acknowledge this creation is the Lord's. He definitely comforted me yesterday when I was so scared. It's strange to think you can grow so attached to a being that has been with you for a week. I love our little blob though! I'm trying to give it a great little guest house!

God is so good, and I am so thankful for Him showing up big lately as I've dealt with a scary thought. Now, my challenge is finding His peace in all this.

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