Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last night I started the Daniel study (Beth Moore's study) at church. And boy howdy, did it get in my business! In a good way...but an oh so tough way. I am grappling now with am I this world's or am I Christ's? And I question...is it ok to spend money re-decorating our house, as opposed to say giving it away? Do I spend too much time dreaming about my dreams instead of asking the Lord what His will is? Now I do believe that the Lord gives us desires and desires that are good and pure. I truly believe that my love of house design and photography are given to me by the perfect Creator. What I am struggling with is when do they take the place of God? I'm really hoping this bible study will bring me clarity. I so want to honor God with everything. But this world can pull you away and you don't even know that you have another lover.

I was listening to a Rich Mullins' song today and it said, "The world can't stand what it cannot own." And I wonder, "Does the world own me?"

This might be way too deep, but it's what is going on in this little brain of mine. I know that the spiritual gifts God gives are way better than a perfectly designed house could ever give me. What is the right balance?

(end of deep thought for the day...does anyone else smell something burning?)

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