Sunday, September 25, 2011

an idea i'm pondering

So, every week at church in between services, they have donuts and coffee in the gathering area. I normally don't think anything of it, and just try my hardest to stay away. Today, however, I felt a little disturbed by it. As I watched 2 children munch on their donuts and milk, I thought, "Really, is this God's best for us? Is it ok to just try and live spiritually healthy and neglect our bodies?"

I have to say an emphatic NO! Remember the scripture, Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Well, isn't it? Why do we think it's ok to eat crap? Now, before I sound judgmental, I am a lover of foods...all kinds of foods! That doesn't mean that I eat crappy foods all the time. Part of my mission as wife and mom is to nourish my family (from food to exercise to a haven to surround them) and I seek to nourish them as well as I can. And gosh-darnet, it disturbs me that Christians of all people are not more focused on doing the same thing! The Lord gave His people a certain diet so that they could live vibrant lives. Why are we not doing the same thing?

A thought I had would be to start a little outreach like "Healthy Temples" or something. Of course, I've shared this idea with no one, so we'll see how it bounces off my sweet husband tonight. :)

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Abbie said...

Love the idea! Why not practice what is preached! :)