Friday, June 11, 2010

living from the heart

This month, I've been trying to re-discover my heart and soul...focusing on God's love and how He wants us to live our lives abundantly. When we live ALIVE, we glorify Him.

I think one of the big problems of Christianity in this country is the focus on "duty" versus love of the Lord and love of people. Duty is more easily accomplished...we can always check the things off the list...
#1Go to Church, CHECK
#2 Read your bible, CHECK
#3 Be baptized, CHECK
#4 On and on

But to love those we find hard to love, that's a whole other story. To forgive those people who have broken our hearts..."Really, God, do we need to do that?" To love God with ALL OUR that's serious. Yet, it's what our hearts come alive.

And today, my heart is feeling alive...specifically after reading a letter from our Compassion International child. She's only 5, so it's actually a letter written by her mother...but she said Bridian hugs the last picture we sent to her of our family, and says, "If Bella were here, I would hug her all the time!" As I read the letter, tears come to my eyes as I realize that this is exactly how we should be investing the money the Lord gives us. It makes eating out seem like such a waste, to think that the cost of one meal could sponsor a child each month. Life is about priorities, and it humbles me to think of how we can waste our money each month.

If you're interested in learning about sponsoring a child, check out Compassion International.
It'll change your life.

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Michelle said...

Amen. When we started sponsoring our first Compassion child, we thought it would be financially tough. Little did we know at the time, we'd change our thoughts on wants vs. needs AND God would provide for our true needs.
Many people spend $38 on manicures and pedicures each month, while children walk barefoot for miles for their water. We, as a culture, are SO blessed. It is important that we give what we can, when we can.