Thursday, February 5, 2009

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Warning: This story is very sad and very heartbreaking. After reading it, I felt compelled to share my opinion in some way because I have so many emotions running through my mind.

First of all, Lord, please be with the woman who went through this. I am sure her heart is hurting, and I can't imagine the pain she's in. I lost 2 babies but the anonymity of my babies makes it a little unclear on how to grieve. She, however, lived life with a baby inside of her and a a live baby outside of her. And she has to contemplate the rest of her life about the decision she made.

Admittedly, I am Pro-Choice...yes, I believe we all have a choice, and that choice comes when we decide to sleep with someone. (No one should be surprised when they're pregnant...last time I checked when 2 people do a certain deed, it leads to a baby...unless you're Mary and Joseph...the Lord was a little instrumental in that relationship.) Nonetheless, after you make the choice of being intimate with someone, your choice has been made. You chose to be an adult and experience a level of intimacy with someone (though it be your spouse or a complete stranger), you made the decision and you live with what the consequences are. Murder (or a nicer way of putting it, abortion) is still murder and it should not be a decision we should be able to make. You have 1 choice in this situation...whether or not to have sex, not whether or not to remove your child from this earth.

What makes this case so different, though, is that people are horrified that a baby was killed. But, wait a minute, isn't a baby killed in an abortion. So, it's ok to kill a baby in the mother's womb, just not outside of it. Is that it? Like it's ok, to kill someone in your home, but not in the front yard. Hmm...

I believe the devil has glazed people's eyes to the atrocities of abortion, and I pray that the Lord reveals to them that all life, regardless of its size or dependency, has the God-given right to Life.

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Maggie said...

Well said. The tears that drop with this story are for the baby first and foremost. A defenseless, innocent life.

When two people do the deed and fertilize that egg, it's a miracle. A miracle that is far too expendable in this world.

I pray with you, my sister in Christ. Thanks for blogging about this.