Friday, February 9, 2007

First Time

I thought this would be a good chronicle for my know, a daily log of joys, struggles, and just plain life. When I recollect times in my past, I see how much I can learn from them, good and bad. And I want to have that knowledge ever with me.

Yesterday I watched Oprah...I've kinda gotten over my addiction to Oprah, but I was intrigued by the title, "The Secret". In it, there were a bunch of gurus discussing our personal energy and its relation to the universe. I didn't want to absorb all the new-age idiosyncrasies; yet, there were some points that interested me. First of all, what we put out in the universe is what we get back. I can see that a lot. Times when I'm feeling ooky, going to the grocery store in tattered jeans and a ballcap, I can't say I feel like walking the red carpet. The energy I evoke to other people bounces back. On the other hand when I'm feeling good, having a skinny day and wearing a cute outfit, I see different reflections. Hmmm...kinda interesting.

Anyway-it all put me in an introspective mood...hence the beginning of my own blog. I know that I want to live a full life...a life I can look back on and think, "Man, I got my money's worth out of that one!" Really though, it's not my money, it's the Lord's. What do I do everyday that makes the Lord think, "Man, that creation was worthwhile." Yeah, I know the Lord loves me unconditionally; but maybe it's the people-pleaser in me that wants to make the Lord proud. Or at least not embarrassed. I pray this day be a new day of truly fully. That's why Jesus give us a full life. I hope he feels like his trip to earth was worth it, and I want to make sure at least in this life, it was.

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